domingo, 2 de julio de 2017

Literature corner 5th form

Hi children:
Here you have the answers to ex 18 and 19

Ex 18:
a) Brian and Caruak go through the jungle very fast but they have a problem.
b) Caruak takes a green fruit from a tree.
c) In the evening, Brian and Caruak arrive at the police station in Una-Una
d) Twenty policemen and the Indians go to the jungle and hide behind the trees.
e) Suddenly, the miners see Brian and catch him but two policemen help Brian.
f) Chief Maoni gives necklaces to Brian and David for their help.
g) Brian and David don´t win the race but they are happy anyway.

Ex 19

1) Brian´s motorcycle has an oil leak.
2) Caruak puts the fruit on the engine and the leak stops.
3) Brian meets Captain Silva.
4) They are waiting for the miners.
5)(Mistake: David, not Brian). David feels scared.
6) They go to Manaus/ They go back to the race. 
7) The champions are Luigi and Enrico.

Remember to study the words in the VOCABULARY BALLONS!
Best, Miss Natalia

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