jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Christmas is round the corner!

Dear Students,
Christmas is round the corner and with it the end of the school year!
You have worked, learnt and studied a lot. It's time for you to start living the Christmas spirit.
Why don't you click on the following links to play Christmas relates games and work with the vocabulary you are learning at school in the process?
Have fun!

Christmas Vocabulary
Match the words to the pictures 1
Match the words to the pictures 2
Christmas Wordsearch (make your own wordsearch, differente levels, either to play online or to print!)

Christmas Maths
Plenty of games to practise numbers and simple mathematics 

Christmas Day in the UK
Watch the video and then you can print the storie and activities

Christmas Food
What do you eat for Christmas? What do you like eating? You can read the posts form children around the world and write your own review about Chritmas food in Argentina. Come on! Tell the world!

Christmas music
Squeeze the reindeers' noses to play famous Christmas tunes

Christmas Tree
Decorate the tree and then turn on the lights!

Advent Calendar Games
Come back every day for a different game.

And remember...

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